‘Sophia holds a safe space for people to be deeply seen in the truth of who they are, supporting them in shedding the layers of beliefs, conditioning and illusions that prevent them from fulfilling, and living their truest potential.’

If you long for more depth

Crave more meaning

And want to satisfy your deepest longing,

You’ve landed on the right page.

This is the offering.

My guess is that you are here, because you know you’ve got more to give.

You want to make a difference.

Perhaps you’ve already achieved material success, and tick all the boxes for what a ‘good life’ should look like, but it still doesn’t feel like enough somehow.

Perhaps it still feels a bit empty, dissatisfying, or unfulfilling somehow?

I hear you.

I used to be there.


My name is Sophia Davis, and I have worked as one of the leading life coaches in the UK for more than a decade. I’ve worked with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, collaborated with global brands like The BBC, Hugo Boss, Fremantle Media, and GSK. I’ve been featured in almost every magazine and newspaper, and been used as the ‘go to girl’ for some of the top PR agencies in London.

I became an expert at analyzing and untangling the mind, of working with thought and feeling, manifesting reality, and supporting people to achieve more than they ever thought possible, only to realise, that I was actually perpetuating the problem! Fuelling an insatiable need for more.

“I have worked with, hired, and had my own coaches myself over a 20 year period. I can say that Sophia is in the top 3 coaches across all the coaches that I have come into contact with. If you are looking for rapid results in any area of your life, business or personal, particularly if you have tried others or the results are not there and you are just stuck, contact Sophia. I believe she is outstanding at what she does”


-Chris Norton, Owner-Director at Mentor Group

It suddenly occurred to me, that whilst accumulation and achievement could satisfy a superficial (and short term) desire to create material wealth, or achieve success, it would NEVER be enough. It was always a case of ‘what next?’

That wasn’t freedom at all!

Rather than feeling fulfilled, both myself AND my clients appeared to be on a hamster wheel of achievement that you can never get off.

Trying to fill emptiness that couldn’t be filled.

It simply had to stop.

I decided to shut down my business, stop writing my book, and I went on a search of my own, determined to find out what I was missing.

A few years later, after a relentless search, and some of the most challenging moments of my life, the penny finally dropped.

I came home.

Home being a place within me where everything is already ok.

Where I could finally rest.

A place that we are all deeply longing for.

Contrary to my previous beliefs about accumulation, it arose as a result of putting everything down, and discovering the jewel inside of simply being.

It can be called self-realisation, the discovery of freedom, present moment awareness, or awakening to our essential nature.Either way, it would all be pointing to the same thing.


We could say it’s the greatest discovery there is.

The discovery that it’s not what you have, but WHO you are, that offers freedom and creates lasting fulfillment.

If you have ever asked ‘is this all there is’, and you long for more, a more that doesn’t keep you trapped on a material hamster wheel of need, but just keeps getting better, you are in the right place.

It’s a freedom that offers the opportunity to get off the hamster wheel, and into the driving seat of life. It’s a freedom that enables you to be fully you. It’s a freedom that is ever deepening, uncommon, satisfying, and gives you full response – ability for your life.

It’s a never-ending journey back into the truth of who you really are.So I’m here, and offering to support you into your own magical discovery of you, to hold a space for your own direct realisations, and meet you in the fulfilment of your own potential.

Welcome to my new site.

“I contacted Sophia on a bit of a whim and at a point when everything in my life felt stuck and disappointing, and I had no clue how to change it. It turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done. If you have any doubts about whether to work with Sophia, put them to one side – you won’t regret it! Life will look completely different on the other side. Right now , having just completed a course of sessions, I’m looking back of what I’ve achieved in one week and can’t quite believe it. Everyone needs some Sophia in their life!’


-RM, London


If you would like to book a session with me please use this form or send me an email at sophia@sophiadavis.co.uk.

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“I remember the first time I spoke with Sophia she told me that by the end of our coaching sessions my life would be completely changed. Well not only was that the truth but the changes were far more reaching and positive than I could ever have imagined.

This woman is the real deal – not only is she a brilliant coach but she possesses a rare combination of wisdom and intuition that brings a whole new dimension to working with her. She has truly changed my life for the better and I have achieved things that I never thought possible ever since I made that phone call to her some 12 months ago. My life is richer, happier and more peaceful for having worked with Sophia – the results really speak for themselves. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is truly worth her weight in gold.”




Sophia works from a standpoint of fundamental Being-ness. She meets people in a place of pure presence in the heart, which in itself allows for the unravelling of our conditioned personality into the core of our Being. Beyond any strategy or program, as awakened awareness she responds directly to what arises in the moment of interaction, thereby identifying the energetic, psychological, emotional or spiritual/karmic blockages present within the system of a person. By embodying this deeper aspect of Truth directly, she has the capacity to draw them beyond these blockages or conditioned patterns and uncover the light of their essential nature. This illumination can be very significant, enabling people to gain profound perspective and insight into unwanted aspects of themselves which may be governing their lives and inhibiting their capacity to fully develop, express and fulfill their purpose in the world.


Like life, the sessions unfold as we go along. There’s no set format. Everyone is unique, and so naturally, so are all of the sessions, it’s a bit like a call and response, between the deepest part in me, and the deepest part within you. I listen to what’s calling, and then respond to what is actually there, in the moment. I hear what you are actually saying to me, beyond the words, and move from that place. The decade of training and gathering intellectual knowledge still supports me, and I often draw upon a combination of deep practices including body awareness, mind understanding, and guided meditation. It is in raising our consciousness, and seeing/reclaiming all that has been suppressed, held and forgotten, that we regain choices, and ultimately freedom to be who we truly are, and decide to walk a new path and to forge new footprints in your life.

“Sophia has changed my life. It changed straight after my first session with her, and now I go about not quite knowing what to do with the feeling of being happy as it’s so unfamiliar. Just knowing she is there makes me know life is changing in so many ways. I am becoming the best me that is possible which is a truly illuminating thought, and a place I believe I never would have come close to without her. She has opened up this possibility to me and, in her own words, she has helped me choose to be open to a different possibility. I honestly feel completely different because of Sophia and that’s a constant delight everyday. I feel lighter and I feel anticipatory for what is to come now as a result.”


-Liz, 38



I only take on a handful of 1-2-1’s at any one time.

My intention is to support your discovery of freedom to live an aware and conscious life, so you can truly become your purpose.

We will journey to bring the sub conscious mind into the conscious field, so YOU can begin to see what has previously been hidden, and choose to untangle yourself from everything that doesn’t support your highest potential.

I will support you to find and intimately know a depth of strength and consistency within you that will become your ground of being.

We will begin to uncover and unravel that which has been binding you, to free the creativity, power, and life force within you.

“Sophia has helped me for 3 wonderful months now, and I feel like a whole new person. I was suffering from PTSD, stressed out, depressed, chronically fatigued and anxious. She has helped me get rid of all of those problems. I feel free, at peace, happy and energized, and I do not have a single worry. I can confidently say that I have a whole new way of looking at things, and a whole new way of dealing with things. All thanks to Soph. Every little thing is going to be all right, Peace and Love!”


-Terese, 21


I run two groups a month.

The intention of the group is to bring more people together to undertake the journey of their highest potential.

We will bring key themes each week, which will be explored within the group.

There will be the opportunity to ask questions, dive into the key challenges in your lives, and find a new perspective on yourself, and the world.

There will be discussions, a meditation, and a strong reflective element, with home invitations for you to explore.

There will be private FB group, to continue the discussion, support each other, and ask questions, during the week.

This is a very enjoyable and affordable way for us to work together.

“EVERYONE should pay a visit to Sophia Davis who is quite literally the most talented life coach! Thank you for being the most exceptional friend and for such an incredibly useful conversation. One chat with her could change your life!”


-Terese, 21


My Zoom out program is available as an 8 week offering.

We will explore week by week, the depths of YOU, and the beliefs you hold about yourself and life.

I will guide you into practices that will support an increased level of awareness, and open you into a new ground of being.

You will have the opportunity to work at your own pace, in your own space, in a way that feels good for you.

We will explore the key questions, governing your life.

Uncover and unravel many truths and shatter many myths about yourself, and the world around you.

You will get real and true, will learn to take off your mask, and this program will quite literally, blow your mind!

“Sophia is an amazingly spiritual and pure person. She is intuitive and sensitive. Combined with her uncannily accurate intuition she has the ability to heal and gently support the person to give them the courage to progress. I found her very open and welcoming as well as being patient and understanding. I would highly recommend Sophia to anyone and to trust and listen to her voice and guidance. A true gem.”


-Elise, 29


Something I deeply enjoy, is working with forward thinking brands, cutting edge PR/media agencies, and independent journalists.

I am available to discuss all your media, speaking and PR requests.

Here’s what one of my clients said about me: 

“Sophia is the best in her game, great in front of a camera, but also on a personal level. Willing to go above and beyond for the cause, and everyone she meets wants to work with her again and again. Ive never left Sophia without a smile on my face. Highly recommend from a PR point of view, great brand spokesperson, with a wide media appeal”

-Sophia Raine, Deputy Managing Director at W



I’m also passionate about offering inspirational/motivational keynotes, speaking at events, and often attend private gatherings.

“It has been an enormous privilege to meet Sophia. She has an astonishing insight into human nature, and through my conversations with her, I have gained much self-knowledge and have grown spiritually. It was wonderful to have had the opportunity to know someone who combines such outstanding talent with genuine kindness.”


-Rabbi Anthony Knopf

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