Life coaching can be a really effective means of taking control of your life and creating a life that you love. Here are some of the ways that you will know if you could benefit from a life coach.

1- You know you have potential inside of you, which is far more than you are achieving but you aren't sure how to get it out.
2- You feel at a crossroads in your life and need some clarity about where to go next
3- You want to make some changes, but aren't sure where to begin.
4- You are at the next level of your career and want someone to be accountable to for your next steps
5- You have a specific goal, or set of goals that you want to achieve in the next 6-12 months
6- You are bored and want to find more fulfillment in your life, limiting stress and maximizing enjoyment.
7- You have had a major life change and want to get back on track
8- You have had some challenges and been down the therapy route, have become thoroughly fed up with re-analyzing your past and have decided that you now want to move forward.
9- Your business isn't doing as well as you would like, and you want to increase your profit margins and your quality of service.
10- You are ready to live a life you love, full of love, laughter, prosperity and passion and you want someone to make sure you achieve all that you could, in the shortest possible timeframes with the greatest chances of success.

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