New year, new you?
Its that time of year again. New Year!!! Woohoooo!! Time to reflect on the past, and think about the future. more
How to know if life coaching is for you?
Do you have a goal or a dream for your life? Do you feel like you can do better and be more efficient at overcoming obstacles and discovering opportunities? These feelings may indicate that you could benefit from working with a life coach. more
How to choose the right life coach for you!
Do you want to feel more confident in life? Trying to achieve balance between professional duties, your personal issues and your romantic life? Perhaps the time is right for you to consider the assistance of a life coach. Finding the perfect life coach depends on many factors. more
Low Self-Esteem & Confidence
You are never going to have a high self esteem as long as your thought process tells you that you're not good enough! You may not even realise you're doing it. more
How do I change?
People ask me all the time: "How do I change?" Changing is actually very easy and doesn't need to be a gruelling process. more
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