Its that time of year again. New Year!!! Woohoooo!!

Time to reflect on the past, and think about the future. Expectant and excited about what 2014 could hold for you. Setting resolutions, making a fresh start, wiping the slate clean ready to do it all again for another year.

Or are you?

How many of you will be entering into this new year still with the same emotional baggage from all the years before? How many of you continue to have regrets from opportunities missed, decisions you could have made, and things that you just didn't do? Are you still carrying childhood pain? Do you have unfulfilled ambitions or worse, have you forgotten what your ambitions are? Are you still blaming something or someone else for how your life is turning out?

If you are reading back at the last paragraph and can identify with any of those questions, perhaps its time to finally lay them all to rest along with the idea that something or someone else is responsible for the way that your life turns out?

Why not make this the year that you finally take your power back and take full responsibility for your life? Could this be the year that you claim the love that you deserve, and take ownership of making your life absolutely magical?

Why not begin this year with the strength and courage to really dig deep into your heart to find out who you are and what you want and be bold enough to finally realize all your dreams?

We take for granted that we have time to change. It's a mistake! Time isn't something that is given to us indefinitely. There is no more time left to waste living someone else's life, or living out someone else's expectations of how you should be and what you should do. There are no should, only coulds. The time is NOW. Make it happen. Dare to be different. Stand up and be counted, and shine your light so brightly that even in the darkest night your light can be seen.

You may be wondering how. It all begins with a decision and the dedication to you to be who you want to be!!

Your entire life can change in a heartbeat. In a moment, a life can be taken, it can be given, and it can be totally shattered or made. The change happens with a decision to be your best. That's all it takes. Once a firm and confident decision is made. Life changes. It has to. Its impossible to make a decision to be different to take the appropriate steps and for things to stay the same.

So what decision are you going to make?

Will you decide to be a person who goes out and gets what they want, or a person who waits to see what comes to them? ?

Are you going to decide to be the leaf that blows in the wind, or the wind that blows the leaf? The choices are all up to you.

?It is my dream to help others to make deep transformations, healing from the inside to ensure that nothing stands in the way of them achieving their potential. I love to help people walk into their greatness, and because of this, I have decided to offer a free email coaching session with some of my unique techniques for you to try together with recommendations of what to focus on for next year to make sure it's your best year yet!!

If you would like to make this the first opportunity of the new year that you take, please email me on as soon as possible giving me an overview of who you are, how your 2013 turned out for you, and what you want to achieve next year and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Please be aware that I am keeping this offer open until the 5th January only so hurry because you don't have very much time ;)

With all my love and blessings for an amazing, healthy and joyful 2014.

Here's to us x
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