When people work with me, miracles occur; I've seen it time and time again. I coach only outstanding individuals who are committed to creating a level of success in their lives that most people can only dream about. For this reason, I won't take on everyone and rarely work with people who have not been referred, although in exceptional cases, I will. So who do I work with? If you are successful, ambitious and ready to achieve your next level whether it's life coaching, relationship coaching or executive business coaching I GUARANTEE you'll benefit from one of my tailored and specialist services.

James is a high profile media executive who I have worked closely with recently. In his words:

"Sophia has helped me undergo a huge transformation both in my self and in my work. Having had an unbelievably stressful period of work which I thought I could never overcome, to the point where I wanted to give up my whole profession, Sophia brought me back from defeat and helped me not just overcome the problems (which would have been enough in itself) but to triumph too. The change was nothing short of remarkable and something I never thought possible. Not only has she FAR exceeded my expectations in my work but in my whole outlook on life. Sophia has an innate ability to restore self-belief in an amazing way, and it's all down to her unique approach and incredibly varied and creative techniques. I'm always amazed at the arsenal of solutions she has at her fingertips. Quite simply: life-changing."

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