Sophie Raine Frank PR

Sophia is the best in her game. Great in front of the camera but also on a personal level. Willing to go above and beyond for the cause and everyone she meets wants to work with her again and again.Capable of flipping every situation on it's head and helping to take the best out of it, I've never left Sophia without a smile on my face. Highly recommend from a PR point of view, great brand spokesperson with wide media appeal.

Chris Norton Director Mentor Group

I have worked with, hired and had my own coaches myself over a 20 year period. I can say that Sophia is in the top 3 coaches across all the coaches I have come in contact with.If you are looking for rapid results in any area of your life business or personal , particularly if you have tried others or the results are not there or your just stuck ... .contact Sophia I believe she is outstanding in what she does

James - Media Executive

Sophia has helped me undergo a huge transformation both in my self and in my work. Having had a unbelievably stressful period of work which I thought I could never overcome, to the point where I wanted to give up my whole profession, Sophia bought me back from defeat and helped me not just overcome the problems (which would have been enough in itself) but to triumph too.

The change was nothing short of remarkable, and something I never thought possible. She has FAR exceeded my expectations, not just in work but in my whole outlook on life. Sophia restores belief in yourself in an amazing way, and it's all down to her unique approach and incredibly varied and creative techniques - I'm always amazed at the arsenal of solutions she has at her fingertips. Quite simply 'life changing'.

Jane and Keith

Sophia has built a great rapport with our teenage daughter over the last few months and we have seen a steady improvement after a very difficult period. There is no instant cure but our daughter's behaviour has clearly improved and both the level of trust between us and her self-esteem are much improved. We certainly could not have achieved this on our own. Many thanks, and we know that things will continue to improve under Sophia's guidance.

Rabbi Anthony Knopf

It has been an enormous privilege to meet Sophia. She has an astonishing insight into human nature, and through my conversations with her, I have gained much self-knowledge and have grown spiritually. It was wonderful to have had the opportunity to know someone who combines such outstanding talent with genuine kindness.

Symone Genovezos

Sophia helps you to alter your perspective on a situation, giving you the ability to choose what you want from life and how to easily acheive your goals. Her practical approach combined with holistic techniques, helps make the process of change and manifestaion easy, calm and rewarding.

Laura Kay

I totally recommend coaching with Sophia She is so positive and encouraging, and consistent. With her support, I've achieved things I never thought possible for myself. I've learned things about myself that I didn't know, and I didn't even know that I needed to know them! I have so much more confidence that I can do my best and become more me. Try it and see!

Jenny Kaye

There are two words that describe my experience with Sophia and they are 'Life Changing'. Sophia came into my life when I was really heading down the wrong path. I had a history of difficulties, and things were about to get really bad. I met Sophia and she gave me a reading which brought up issues and situations from my childhood which even I had forgotten about and had to clarify with my mother.Sophia is the most wonderful, kind natured, warm, selfless person I have ever met. Along with her readings, healing, and life coaching skills, she has helped me to better my life in all aspects. Just being around her makes me feel happy and confident. She truly is a very special, gifted person and I will never be able to express my gratitude towards her enough. I am blessed to have her touch my life. Thank you Sophia and God Bless.

Jonathan Denby

After a turbulent adolescence and early twenties, health wise with myself, the sudden loss of my father and having to cope with my grieving and terminally ill mum, I, through a series of events and people came into contact with Sophia. Teaching me how to embrace and love life in both a physical and spiritual way, Sophia has and still is guiding me to be able to create my own "happiness" and to be able find peace among the chaos of day to day life.To be able to see the future is mine to control and how embrace life on my terms is something I never thought possible, but through using Sophia 's methods and ideas, I am nearing a place where I feel free and liberated, able to control how I think and feel and follow mind knowing I don 't have to just "go with the flow".

Sophia has been able to release what I have been hiding from for years - myself, my thoughts and my doubt in life and people. To be honest, for the first time since a child, I am now exited for what lies ahead and feel like I can now take on the world - all just from having been given a different perspective on how to look at life, its challenges and what you can achieve if you believe. Sophia has undoubtedly changed me and my future. A true angel.

Anna Casale

Thinks that EVERYONE should pay a visit to Sophia Davis who is quite literally the most talented life coach in north west London!!!! Thank you for being the most exceptional friend and for such an incredibly useful conversation. One chat with her could change your life! Xxxx


There is a saying that people come into your life for a reason and I am so grateful that Sophia has walked into mine. At a time of trouble she came and gave me so much support and energy, words cannot describe how grateful I am to her. After giving me a reading and continues support I managed to see blue skies with her help.She is a kind, caring woman who gives so much time and takes that extra step to make sure things are going ok. She is such an amazing person and spiritual who has so much energy to give. We speak on a regular basis and she has become a great friend and mentor in life! Sophia you made me hear music again, thank you!!

Penny Beale - Unleash Coaching

I am so grateful to Sophia for the caring, intuitive and loving guidance she has given me. She enabled me to find the right path for myself by making me see things in a new light and by having absolute belief that I will achieve my dreams. Since starting coaching with Sophia things are continuously changing for the better and it is through my new beliefs and changed actions that this is happening, which feels amazing!

Steve Hull

When I was feeling down and felt like I wasn't going anywhere in life, all I felt was the constant worry about burdening my problems with others and how they just wouldn't understand. Thankfully for me I was fortunate enough to spend time with Sophia.Sometimes all it takes is to have things spelt out for you which in my case (as well as some pretty tough targets) was exactly the answer and help I had been wishing I could find and I'm now making a real difference in my life and feeling 100% more positive about work/life's daily challenges. Whilst I accept everybody is different and the current climate is tough, one thing is for certain having Sophia around to coach you will set you head and shoulders above the rest


Sophia is an amazingly spiritual and pure person. She is intuitive and sensitive. Combined with her uncannily accurate reading she has the ability to heal and gently support the person to give them the courage to progress. I found her very open and welcoming as well as being patient and understanding. I would highly recommend Sophia to anyone and to trust and listen to her voice and guidance. A true gem.

Samvida Judge-Willis

What you do is truly life changing for the best! Thank you so much for your amazing services. I totally recommend your Life Coaching to EVERYONE. Your help and advice have changed me and cured my life! You are one very very wise lady indeed. If you need improvement in an area of your life everyone. Then Sophia Davis is the one to make that happen for you. Blessings xxxx

Lisa Davey Bray Leino

Sophia's involvement in the Kalms Annual Stress Report was invaluable in terms of the insight that she brought to the project. Her ability to deliver within tight deadlines and to specific brief requirements helped progress activity quickly and easily, and her advice was professional and considered to bring interesting content to the project. I would recommend and work with her again in the future.

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