We've all experienced it on one level or another. The friend who says they never catch a cold, the one who claims to ALWAYS get the best parking space, the one who always lands on his or her feet, and the friend who always manages to wangle an invite to the best parties.

On the flip side, the majority of people I know (myself included) know someone who always has something negative to say. They believe they have bad luck. They are clumsy, they always get stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time, they tell you they always pick up coughs and colds, you can guarantee the parking warden is waiting to give them a ticket even though they were 1 minute late and their relationships just always fizzle out.

The guys and girls they date just never seem to call back, or quite frankly, they just attract the bad or unreliable 'ones'.

So why is this?

Is it by co-incidence that some people can always park and others drive around for hours hoping to get a space that is at least in walking distance to their destination because that's all they could find?

It seems silly all this talk of parking spaces and colds, but actually its extremely relevant. You see... I don't believe it's a coincidence at all. How could it be when there are so many of these so called 'co-incidences'?

I believe that we get what we expect.

After working with what is getting close to hundreds of people now, my conclusion is the same. Our thoughts and beliefs seem to dictate our life experiences. At first I wondered whether or not it was just coincidence but after doing a few little 'experiments' of my own, it seems that life IS in fact a genie in an invisible little lamp (disguised as the universe) waiting to give us our every wish (or thought).

Scary huh?

Actually, it's pretty amazing to think how powerful we really are! I come across many people who struggle with how easy it is to change your life circumstances, on the basis that it's just too simple, but as much as we humans love to complicate things.. It seems to indeed be true. I've done it myself with parking spaces, work, dates, even travel. It's actually quite fun once you get into it.

So how does it work?

I could give the fluff about us all being connected to the universe, and the universe wanting to provide for us. Or I could speak about God, and the fact that our guides and spiritual helpers want us to have our hearts desire because they love us so much or I could explain it to you scientifically. That would involve speaking about energy and measurements and vibrations and magnetism of that which vibrates on the same frequency as us.. But I won't. It's all too long and complicated, and quite frankly does it really matter as long as it works?

I will just say this.. Regardless of how it works, or how sceptical you are.. I wouldn't knock it before you try it, and after all, if it doesn't work. You've lost nothing.

So it's a Win-Win situation.

So what do I suggest? Well... Pick an area of your life that you would like to improve. Ask yourself what you believe about that part of your life right now, and then start consciously saying things to yourself which you may know of as 'affirmations'. I prefer to call them 'positive statements you would like to be true'. I realise that's not as 'catchy', but hey, I like it! Give it a go solidly for a week and see for yourself what happens.

I wouldn't be telling the complete truth if I said that there wasn't more to it, but if I told you everything now, what would be left to blog about.. (Bet the suspense is killing you) enjoy!
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