About Sophia

Five years ago, I was one of the leading life coaches in the UK. My coaching and healing work was featured in popular newspaper and magazine publications, and sought after by top international brands and high profile entrepreneurs. My reputation was well known for getting to the root of any matter in high-speed timing and with massive success.

Whilst I had become a master at helping people to change their emotional state, adjust patterns of thinking, and manifest what they wanted, I saw that the work was perpetuating a need for something that could never be fully satisfied. Put another way, I saw that all the work we were doing was a short-term fix to a more fundamental issue, and that my client’s deepest longing, albeit unconscious, was not being fulfilled. In the light of this realization, I began to re-evaluate my entire life.

Within twenty-four hours I shut down my business and was guided to go on a five-year adventure of unravelling my unconscious mind. I knew that in order to truly help others, I had to see what was at the root of this ongoing dissatisfaction. This had many profound implications, which revealed the invisible prison within my own mind that I had unknowingly been living inside of my whole life. This unexpectedly led to the discovery of my true self as Love, and as Consciousness itself, and my return to support others as a Mystic-Guide.

In my journeying, I realised that we all have our own versions of the prison, that never allows us to simply stop and rest. It keeps us on a hamster wheel of need, that just keeps spinning. I saw that the ‘secret to happiness’ was actually rooted not in self-development, but in self-discovery. I am now passionate about supporting people to get off the wheel, and to find their Freedom, a freedom that comes from becoming who they really are.  My work now centers on my being a conduit to facilitate the unravelling of the mind and enabling a deep relaxation into ‘being’, or what I refer to as the Heart. This relaxation into ourselves is the end of the fight against life; it is the peace and fulfillment we deeply long for, and is the ‘falling in Love’ in its truest sense.

It is in the discovery of who we are beneath the layers of thought that we really come to know what it is to Live, to feel whole again, and to Become our purpose.

This is not only our potential; it is a real possibility for all of us. 

My deepest wish is that all beings may come to know who they truly are, directly, in their own heart.

I am available for media requests, 1-2-1's and speaking engagements.