How Does it Work

“Sophia works from a standpoint of fundamental Being-ness. She meets people in a place of pure presence in the heart, which in itself allows for the unravelling of our conditioned personality into the core of our Being. Beyond any strategy or program, as awakened awareness she responds directly to what arises in the moment of interaction, thereby identifying the energetic, psychological, emotional or spiritual/karmic blockages present within the system of a person. By embodying this deeper aspect of Truth directly, she has the capacity to draw them beyond these blockages or conditioned patterns and uncover the light of their essential nature. This illumination can be very significant, enabling people to gain profound perspective and insight into unwanted aspects of themselves which may be governing their lives and inhibiting their capacity to fully develop, express and fulfill their purpose in the world.”

Like life, the sessions unfold as we go along. There’s no set format. Everyone is unique, and so naturally, so are all of the sessions, it’s a bit like a call and response, between the deepest part in me, and the deepest part within you. I listen to what’s calling, and then respond to what is actually there, in the moment. I hear what you are actually saying to me, beyond the words, and move from that place. The decade of training and gathering intellectual knowledge still supports me, and I often draw upon a combination of deep practices including body awareness, mind understanding, and guided meditation. It is in raising our consciousness, and seeing/reclaiming all that has been suppressed, held and forgotten, that we regain choices, and ultimately freedom to be who we truly are, and decide to walk a new path and to forge new footprints in life.