What I Offer

I only take on a handful of 1-2-1’s at any one time.

My intention is to support your discovery of freedom to live an aware and conscious life, so you can truly become your purpose.

We will journey to bring the sub conscious mind into the conscious field, so YOU can begin to see what has previously been hidden, and choose to untangle yourself from everything that doesn’t support your highest potential.

I will support you to find and intimately know a depth of strength and consistency within you that will become your ground of being.

We will begin to uncover and unravel that which has been binding you, to free the creativity, power, and life force within you.

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I run two groups a month.

The intention of the group is to bring more people together to undertake the journey of their highest potential.

We will bring key themes each week, which will be explored within the group.

There will be the opportunity to ask questions, dive into the key challenges in your lives, and find a new perspective on yourself, and the world.

There will be discussions, a meditation, and a strong reflective element, with home invitations for you to explore.

There will be private FB group, to continue the discussion, support each other, and ask questions, during the week.

This is a very enjoyable and affordable way for us to work together.

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My Zoom out program is available as an 8 week offering.

We will explore week by week, the depths of YOU, and the beliefs you hold about yourself and life.

I will guide you into practices that will support an increased level of awareness, and open you into a new ground of being.

You will have the opportunity to work at your own pace, in your own space, in a way that feels good for you.

We will explore the key themes, governing your life.

Uncover and unravel many truths and shatter many myths about yourself, and the world around you.

You will get real and true, will learn to take off your mask, and this program will quite literally, blow your mind!

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Something I deeply enjoy, is working with forward thinking brands, cutting edge PR/media agencies, and independent journalists.

I am available to discuss all your media, speaking and PR requests.

Here’s what one of my clients said about me:

“Sophia is the best in her game, great in front of a camera, but also on a personal level. Willing to go above and beyond for the cause, and everyone she meets wants to work with her again and again. I’ve never left Sophia without a smile on my face. Highly recommend from a PR point of view, great brand spokesperson, with a wide media appeal”

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I’m also passionate about offering inspirational/motivational keynotes, speaking at events, and often attend private gatherings.

Here’s my PR pack for more info and package prices.

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